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Dedicated to teaching adults to swim Efficiently and Safely.

A Bit About Jim!


Firstly, I have a great affinity with adults who have, for one reason or another, slipped through the net when it came to learning to swim correctly. Everyone has a story behind the reason and I would like to share with you mine.

My story goes back to when I joined one of the most famous Surf Life Saving clubs on Bondi beach in Australia.  It was a dark, windy morning during a 1st squad training session for the iconic Surf Life Saving Bronze Medallion Award. On running into the surf I faced huge seas and with waves breaking over my head, I perilously soon realised I had not been taught correctly how to swim and was unable to cut through the water. As I floundered in the sea (at one point almost drowned) this was indeed a very hard way to find out I needed serious help with my swimming technique!

So this was my reason to seek expert tuition and what followed changed my life – cliché I know, but never the less true.

I am now very proud to say I served over 8 years as a Surf Life Saver (2 of which as a Patrol Captain) on busy Bondi beach, performed numerous rescues and gained a further 2 Silver medallions to add to my Bronze. This led me to eventually qualifying as a Swim Australia Swimming Instructor with membership of the Australian Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association.

So in sharing my, albeit extreme, reason for wanting to learn how to swim correctly you can confide in me your reason too. By visiting this site you have already taken a big step in seeking tuition to help you learn to swim efficiently and safely for the rest of your life, so....congratulations in advance!


Best regards





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