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Adult swimming lessons in Dubai -

Swim with Jim is dedicated to teaching safe & efficient swim techniques to be enjoyed for a life time.

Now in RAK!
 swimming lessons in Dubai

Adult first timers


These lessons are available to adults with limited or no swimming experience and start with teaching a basic understanding of entering into a water enviroment with a non threatening step by step approach. After all it's a natural reaction to fear open water and its what keeps us safe at the beginning. This introduction can be very important for showing an individual how to adapt and over come the fear that can hold a person back from progressing to learning to swim.


swimming lessons in Dubai

Learn to swim


My lessons begin with a simple approach to learning a basic freestyle stroke and are tailor made to the individuals learning ability. Why freestyle? Well it's the most efficient swim technique to move through the water and once learnt the other strokes can be adopted very quickly.

At the beginnig we will start with the emphasis on relaxing in the water and work on floating correctly so it will feel like second nature to you. Soon you will begin to feel the water as it begins to do the work of holding you up - then it's just a matter of moving forward ..... told you it was simple!

swimming lessons in Dubai

Lesson Fees

The initial consultation is free to establish how

I can help you and to see what level your at. This is completely without obligation.

Lessons are mostly given on a one on one basis but can

also be given to a couple with similar ability.

Same prices can be applied to stroke correction classes.

Price per class (dhs)

Private classes -          30mins 1:1      -    200

Private classes -          60mins 1:1      -    300

Semi Private classes - 30min   1:2      -    250 (125 each)

Semi Private classes - 60mins 1:2      -    350 (175 each)

SPECIAL - Book and pay for 5 classes to get one extra class free

"Come on in the                 waters great!"

swimming lessons in Dubai
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